February 19, 2017


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The media environment is changing and so is the way ACS delivers its simulated media training, or ‘Simpress’.

The media is now a 360-degree threat environment – with social media streams just as powerful as traditional and digital outlets. Given that power to swing popular opinion and seriously damage reputations, ACS places huge importance on its simulated media capabilities, and like all of its services, it offers 360-degree media training as a stand-alone product, or as an integrated part of a Live Immersive Training (LIT) scenario.

ACS employs seasoned broadcast, print and online journalists, with decades of experience, to provide a realistic response to every eventuality throughout all its training scenarios. It also engages bloggers, social media activists, citizen journalists and multi-lingual indigenous reporters to simulate actual media environments worldwide, posting everything from tweets and blogs to video live streams.

ACS believes preparation is the key to successful media mitigation.

Our 360-degree media training environment allows clients to practice proactive, as well as reactive, responses in a safe, controlled environment in total confidence, while trying to handle major crises and events, and see their efforts reflected in in-house generated newspaper articles, television packages, radio reports, blogs and firewall-protected virtual social media worlds.

Whatever your simulated media needs, whether big or small, from a virtual or table-top exercise to a fully-immersive training scenario, contact us to discuss what we can offer. We are experts in providing simulated media services worldwide for both military and civilian clients.