ACS is the world leader in live immersion scenario training.

We reproduce real world situations through environments, scenarios and events for your team to sharpen their skills in a safe, controlled environment before being exposed to them in the real world.

It’s a dynamic, fluid real-life classroom environment. Think of it as the school of slightly softer knocks.

What is Live Immersion Training?

Live Immersion Training (LIT) is supervised interaction between our role-players and your personnel in scenarios, environments and human terrain that prepare them for real-time incidents they will face on the job.

Put another way, LIT is exploration and evaluation rehearsal.

This is called “experiential learning,” and it’s the future of pedagogic evolution. It’s replacing the old style chalk-and-talk classroom with the ‘maker space.’

Rehearsals aren’t just a tool performers use. Any successful organization knows you have to put yourself through the paces before putting yourself out there.

Your team deserves real-world-level experiences before they have those experiences in the real world.

ACS provides our clients the most authentic population possible in the operational environment to maintain core training considerations. We incorporate real time scenario reporting, AAR points when solicited, provide and respond to direction of overall attitude, sustains and improves, and discover both strengths and inconsistencies in systems approach and integrity.

Nobody understands how to provide accurate and realistic human terrain like we do.

Why do live immersion training?

Humans learn quickest and have the highest retention via direct experience. Classroom discussion and tabletopping have their place, but they do not provide the sense of urgency and reality that your personnel will face in the real world. Will your protocols be observed? Will your procedures be adhered to? How will your team act when confronted with unanticipated situations?

NGOs brainstorming a brand new disaster response plan, EMS and police forces,  and armies all around the world use pre-deployment LIT to help them understand the environment they’ll face on the ground. It’s an invaluable tool to help decisionmakers evaluate their approach to everything from disaster readiness to the best way to win the hearts and minds of local nationals.

In the white collar world it’s used by everyone from software developers forecasting customer relations issues to car dealerships anticipating customer questions and objections during negotiations.
A live scenario that simulates incidents, events and experiences that your personnel may face can immediately identify where and how your system shines, and where it can be made better.

We’ll help you identify your strengths and potential deficiencies in your emergency, tactical or systems response.

Who engages this type of training?

In a word, everyone.

Our clients include the US, UK and Canadian militaries; municipal, regional and national police forces; NGOs; emergency first responders and health care providers; corporate entities; government departments and agencies; and educational establishments.

Militaries test their troops on the ground in our ethnically diverse multi-lingual environments with multi-skilled roleplayers and state-of-the-art special effects. Police forces and emergency responders test their crisis response strategies in as close to real world as it is possible to get. Private contractors assess their disaster readiness under experienced ACS directors with film, tv, and often military backgrounds.

ACS is a force multiplier for military and corporate crisis preparedness training programs. Work with us to clarify your training goals. We’ll focus our talents on reaching them.

  • We consult with each client on training scenario objectives and ambitions
  • We devise the most challenging training environments
  • We utilise the latest technologies to create phenomenally realistic special effects
  • We engage expert, multi-lingual and multi-skilled role players
  • We integrate ‘360-degree media training’ into your crisis management planning
  • We partner with your training staff to control the training environment

Different kinds of Live Immersion Training

Live immersion training can be as versatile as your needs dictate.


Include us in your next emergency, armed forces, or corporate safety exercise, on your turf. We’ll blend right in and show your personnel what they can expect from real-world environments.


We can use the same buildings and/or general area as you would an urban neighbourhood or foreign village, from acute SWAT and emergency response scenarios to long-term exposure over days or weeks. Stand training can be done at your facility, or we can arrange one for you.

Exercise & After-Action Review (AAR) Design

Reviewing and discussing the experience is crucial if the training is to truly serve its purpose. Put our years of experience to work for you and let us create a way for you to communicate points you want to sustain, those to improve, and any issues that developed which exposed holes or weaknesses in your team’s approach.

AAR is never a blame game. It is a carefully constructed way for your team to supportively relate to one another and communicate points that can do anything from augment your relationship with your clients to save lives when they encounter similar situations in a real-life experience.

Let us help you design a way to discover what you need to know. From multi-organizational disaster scenario response and coordination to a thorough after-action review, lean on us to provide your solution.