Private Contractors

It isn’t just first responders who benefit. When the possible event becomes real, everyone from planners and safety coordinators to crews on the ground directly affected by emergency scenarios can take advantage of lessons learned. Here, an oilfield refinery asked us to create a scenario where a pipeline patrol aircraft crashed into it. Flying low[…]

Video – Scenes from the Field

There’s no such thing as a ‘normal’ day in the field during a military exercise. So we improvise and adapt. In this video you’ll see ACS roleplayers, special effects crews and field directors in situations that can arise anytime. From village-wide funeral processions to consultations and AARs with exercise personnel; from medical to tactical special[…]

Video – Special Effects

Our special effects team’s talents aren’t confined to medical scenarios, but have a look at our team in action in helo evacs and triage/treatment context. Much of the time these are planned and executed on the fly and are scenarios of opportunity when and where the chance presents itself to offer the training audience value[…]

Video – Media Training

Does your media team need field experience? Are you sending them into conflict zones or areas that demand that they be aware of foreign cultural protocols in order to build trust and get the real story? Immersive training will help you do exactly that. Our role players will create and sustain whatever environment you need.