Your personnel need exposure to the situations they’ll be facing once training stops and the real world begins.

We’ll blur that line for you. When faced with real situations, your team will swear they’ve handled it all before.

Professional special effects require technical knowledge, top notch equipment, attention to detail, and above all, a commitment to create first class immersive realism.

It’s one thing to onboard creatives with experience in film and television. It’s another thing entirely to expect them to generate realistic simulated environments in a limited time frame, under changing and challenging conditions.

Yet that is only one of our many specialities. We have put our film and television experience to work for clients for over a decade.

Our Innovations

Once the training exercise commences, no director can call ‘cut’. Ready or not, it’s time to deliver.

And deliver we do.

We invented ways to get the same realism and training effect in half the time available on a film set. Because when you save time, you save money.

Our original, exclusive designs include ways to simulate even the most serious medical and CBRN situations in a compressed time frame, even in the field.

All our wound sims are hand made with superior durability for indoor and outdoor use for years of intensive training. The smaller ones, such as the Open Tibia Fracture, Mangled Hand and Crushed Hand, can be easily applied and removed in 30 seconds.

The larger pieces such as the Inguinal, Chest or Shoulder Trauma PSAs, have multiple bleeding points with adjustable blood flow. The bones that are included with some of our PSAs are built from a hard acrylic and are removable for the comfort of application or removal of the piece.

The application time is approximately one minute.

From a chemical burn to a broken ankle, gunshot and stab or puncture wounds to severe amputational and inguinal trauma, our special effects inventions and innovations allow us to process more casualties in a shorter time than anyone.

The real world is unpredictable, and you need an adaptable team to roll with it. In the field, there is no workshop or studio. The entire training area is the set.

We’re not filming a movie here. We’re training personnel for real world incidents and situations. We don’t always have the luxury of time, and very often our workshop is a sea can. A stand of trees. A ditch.

Even our most severe wounds can be applied in the field if necessary, without needing to be maintained by a handler. The casualties themselves can apply blood bags when needed.

Flexibility, adaptability, invention, innovation and commitment to getting the most training value you’ve ever had. That’s what drives us.

We created an environment compelling enough for researchers at the University of Regina to study the brainwave activity, heart rate and reactions that typify the origins of PTSD so that it can be identified and treated in appropriate and timely methodologies. Not just for the sake of military personnel or first responders, but for everyone exposed to abnormal situations. You can’t achieve this by jumping out of a closet wearing a white sheet.

You’ve got this. We’ve got you. Let us show you what Hollywood can’t.