February 19, 2017


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Multi-lingual, multi-skilled, multi-national role players are what sets ACS’ Live Immersive Training (LIT) apart from its competitors.

Whether a simulated incident calls for one role player or hundreds at once, ACS has the resources and the personnel to create a fully-populated, realistic, training environment, complete with stunningly realistic special effects.

ACS has been providing role players to the Canadian military for their training exercises since 2008. Other ACS clients include the British military and US military. The Ontario and Toronto police have engaged ACS for emergency response training, as have other first responders and numerous private companies.

ACS’ role players, be they villagers, cultural or political advisers, simulated media operators, NGO personnel, police officers, soldiers, insurgents, doctors, engineers, taxi drivers or teachers will always react authentically to any decision made by the client’s personnel-in-training. They can sustain the immersive training environment for days or even weeks on end, to facilitate real-time crisis preparedness instruction and true training benefit.

Our clients speak very highly of ACS’ role player services:

“ACS’ provision of role players was outstanding. The role players provided were ethnically accurate, well presented and positively engaged with our personnel-in-training in all weather conditions.”

“The inclusion of role players as embedded interpreters significantly enhanced the training value for our personnel-in-training.”

ACS’ role players are always ethnically accurate for optimum training effect. They are also experienced and disciplined in the situational awareness required to operate in dangerous environments, including military live fire training scenarios.

If you would like to consider using ACS role players in your next crisis training exercise, contact us for more details of what we can offer, or read on for a full overview of our training services.