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For the Canadian military, ACS transformed large parts of the dusty Alberta plains into fully inhabited ‘Afghan’ towns and villages, complete with local politicians, religious leaders and everyday businessmen.

It gave soldiers the chance to rehearse everything from battle strategy and emergency response to ‘hearts and minds’ negotiations with villagers over the building of a local well or health clinic. An Afghan bakery baked bread and kebabs for the ‘inhabitants’, while local ‘police’ patrolled the bustling market stalls, and the local newspaper printed anti-military rhetoric.

To an outsider, such play-acting may seem like a game. But for the troops training in such a comprehensive, immersive, environment it could one day mean the difference between life and death. And that doesn’t only apply to war zones, or just to soldiers.

Does your company need a Caribbean village struck by cholera to practice how to stop the spread of the disease? Or an African trading camp menaced by militia to help your security operators formulate how best to keep the locals safe? Are you a CEO or a Health and Safety executive who wants to train your personnel in how to counter a terrorist attack; an active shooter; an earthquake; a fire; a power failure; an aviation incident; an explosion or an epidemic.

ACS is expert at formulating realistic training scenarios, complete with simulated media coverage that can immerse your personnel in environments imitating potentially life-threatening events.


Using a combination of scalable portable structures, expert role players and movie-style special effects, ACS can create every detail for any scenario, right down to the set dressing and individual props required to be ‘ethnically accurate’. ACS recently simulated an explosion and its aftermath in a university psychology department, for a study focused on post-traumatic stress disorder. ACS has also devised numerous realistic training scenarios for first responders, including the Ontario and Toronto police forces.

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